April 12, 2022

Colourpop Avatar Collection Reviews and Swatches (full collection)

When Colourpop announced the Avatar collection I was ecstatic. I loved the show, and now I love the makeup that goes with it. I swear, Colourpop just really knows what's up sometimes. Here's what they have to say:

This official Avatar and ColourPop Collection delivers a magical set of airbending makeup must-haves! Includes the Avatar Pressed Powder Palette, Fresh Kiss Glossy Lip Stains, BFF Creme Gel Liners, Super Shock Highlighters and Fourth Ray Beauty lip and face masks. Plus the cutest Appa hand mirror!

I have the full collection for you below, complete with pictures, makeup swatches, and some quick reviews. Enjoy! I sure did :)

Super Shock Highlighters - Moon Peach and Got Glow
Thoughts: The Colourpop Super Shock products are all just lovely. They have a creamy feel, even though they're not a cream. Does anyone remember the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes? They feel similar to that, but better, smoother, and more pigmented. I LOVE these highlighters. Got Glow is ideal for darker skintones (with a holden irridescence) while Moon Peach is for lighter complexions (and has a lavendar irridescence). I've been using Moon Peach on my face, and have tried Got Glow on my eyes. Both are beautiful.

I like to apply these with my finger, then use a fluffy brush to buff it out.
Top: Got Glow - Bottom: Moon Peach
So Elemental Creme Gel Liners
Thoughts: Another great Colourpop love of mine are their Creme Gel Liners. They're easy to apply and blend, but set and last all day. This part of the collection features Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph, and the colors are beautiful (especially that blue!). I will always recommend these longwear eyeliners, and these are no exception.
Left to right: Blown Away (Aang), Making Waves (Katara), Fiery Fierce (Zuko), Groundbreaker (Toph)
French Kiss Lip Gloss Stains
Thoughts: These were something new for me. I've never really been a lip stain fan, but I had to have these especially with the Suki/Kyoshi Warrior packaging. Colourpop says that these are their first ever hybrid lip formula that gives a "fresh kiss" glossy lip stain. The idea is that they go on glossy and pigmented, and once the gloss wears off you're left with a just bitten stain that lasts for hours. I love that these are pigmented lip stains rather than sheer. It really helps the stain stay strong and actually last. I have a love/hate relationship with the glossiness though. I'm not really info pigmented glosses, but I also like that it makes these be more moisturizing than your typical lip stain.

I apply these almost at the end of my makeup routine, then move on to another step (mascara) while the stain sets a bit. When I'm done with my lashes and setting spray, I blot away the gloss and I'm good to go! (This is just to get rid of the extreme shine...personal preference).
Left to right: Fanatic (red), Sealed With a Kiss (terracotta)
Avatar the Last Airbender Eyeshadow Palette
Thoughts: Um *heart eyes* You know I have a love for eyeshadow palettes, and Colourpop eyeshadow palettes are among my favorite. This particular color story is perfect in my opinion not only because they're some of my favorite colors to wear, but also because I feel like it really represents the show. I also enjoy a palette where I have colorful, wearable, crease colors, and highlights all in one and this one defintely has all of those options.

The one issue that I have is with the packaging as a fan, and nothing to do with the actual product as a makeup wearer. The sleeve for the palette shows Sokka, but the actual palette only features Aang out the outside. Actually, Sokka is missing from this entire collection except for the sleeve of this eyeshadow palette.

Fourth Ray Skincare - Water and Earth Mini Mask Kit - Jasmine Tea Lip Mask
Water and Earth Mask Set
Thoughts: I'm not skincare pro so here's the info from the Colourpop website:

What it is - This 100% vegan mini mask duo features The Big Detox Mud Mask to clarify skin, then revive dull, dry complexions with our Soak it Up Hydrating Mask.

I have tried both, and love both. I actually quite enjoy the Fourth Ray skincare line, and have tried their masks before. I especially like the hydrating mask!
Jasmine Tea Lip Mask
Thoughts: I will be buying more of these lip masks as backups because this is quite possibly my favorite part of this entire collection. So moisturizing, with a soft, sweet jasmine tea scent/flavor(idk, it's gloss). I've been using this daily, several times a day. I use it in the morning while doing my makeup, in the evening after taking my makeup off, and before bed (and sometimes more than that). It's just such a great product, featuring my favorite character, Uncle Iroh.
Appa Compact Mirror
Thoughts: Appa is the cutest, and so is this mirror. HOWEVER, I wish that "yip yip!" was printed on the mirror instead of just being on the protective sheet because now I have to leeave that sheet on forever.

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