April 18, 2022

Colorpop Darth Vader Palette Swatches and MOTD

Another thing from Colourpop that I was super excited to buy because of my love for Star Wars - the Colourpop Darth Vader Palette. The color story for this palette is lovely too, better than I was even expecting.

From Colourpop:
What it is - In collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, this special edition Darth Vader™ Palette features empire inspired hues in a cool mix of sleek greys, gunmetals and charcoals, with pops of scarlet and merlot.

Below are swatches, shade descriptions (from the Colourpop website), and a smokey plum look!

Shade descriptions:
Stormtrooper: dusty soft mauve with blue and silver flecks (so shiny!)
Imperial Forces: matte taupe (great crease/transition color)
Battle Station: matte cool stone grey
Gone Galactic: metallic antique bronze (love this one)
I Am The Master: metallic scarlet (love this one, too!)
Death Star: metallic gunmetal (and this one...I just really like metallics)
The Empire: matte charcoal
Dark Side: matte black with red pinpoints (It's a nice matte black, but once applied and blended the red sparkles disappear)
Sith Lord: matte merlot (also love)

For this look I used Imperial Forces with just a dab of Sith Lord in the crease, blending upward. Gone Galactic is on my lid, with Sith Lord and Darkside on my outer corner. I also blended a touch of I Am the Master into my inner crease to give some brightness to the look, and added Stormtrooper to my inner corner for a highlight. My bottom lashline is a mixture of Sith Lord and Dark side as well, to match the outer corner. 

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