November 17, 2019

Pictorial: Sparkling Cranberry Eyes (feat. Tati Beauty)

I was never much of a video tutorial person but used to do picture tutorials all the time. As social media became more about videos, first impressions, and unboxings and such, my pictorials just kinda ended. You know what though? I really miss doing them and I know there are a group of people (like myself) who prefer these, I figured I'd go back to creating them again. I hope you enjoy!

As always, you can use whatever you have to create these looks. These pictorials are less about the products and more about the colors and how I put them together. For this look I used my new and very loved Tati Beauty Volume 1 palette. Use anything you have that is similar!

And here we go...
 photo IMG_6790_zpst3dhrxjy.jpg

 photo 5ED13A60-D6D3-49E5-9578-EC871A5BD593_zpsf5gukq7n.jpg

 photo E41A6E52-B148-4120-9470-A720D9FE5599_zpsaof7ryfs.jpg

 photo D3624EBD-87AA-4647-9C13-B18448D918EE_zpswenrh6qs.jpg

 photo 4586055A-AFDC-46E2-9927-6AFD36943AAE_zpsyv8ptwrr.jpg

 photo EB93DBB4-FAC0-464A-B3B8-9FC67D96F3C7_zps3nl6vc5r.jpg

 photo 2CCC3A24-71B8-4CDF-BAB5-86729FCAB098_zpssifpdbfp.jpg

 photo 17550CE1-07CB-46BB-947D-0A15FCA592EC_zpsqal138bh.jpg

 photo 9D28D20F-409A-4EB0-988D-EE8485616184_zpsizkmamgy.jpg

 photo B5CF1D9F-61EA-488C-A5C7-DAC338237B32_zpsnhzihmc8.jpg

 photo IMG_6537_zpslprsg8ol.jpg


  1. Thanks for this I am learning how to do my makeup and wanting to play more with colors. This helps a ton.

    1. I'm so glad it helps! I'll be doing more soon :)