June 14, 2018

Easy, Long-lasting Red Lips

You can probably tell that I'm a huge fan of red lips. I just feel more "me" when I wear them. Red can be tricky though since it's not the most wearable, natural color so getting it to last long on the lips is like a trick of the trade. I have a few different tips and tricks up my sleeve, but this is the easiest. It requires the least number of products and also wears the best without being overly drying.

What you'll need:
1. a waxy lip primer (some liquid lip primers can be drying and don't have the same "clingy" properties that a waxy primer has)

Recommendation: I really like the Colourpop Lippie Stix Primer. It's super affordable at $5 (I like to stock up when they're having one of their awesome sales), waxy, and twist-up so it saves on product as opposed to some that need to be sharpened.

2. a matte red lipstick...or whatever color you want to use (matte lipsticks generally wear longer than glossy or creamy lipsticks)

Recommendations: Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer in Peppermint Pop is GORGEOUS. Again, choose any color you want, but this formulation from Clinique is amazing; fairly lightweight and non-drying. It's my new favorite! Another option that I love is the Maybelline COLORblur Matte Lip Pencil in Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. It's a lipstick, not a pencil, but the packaging it the twist-up pencil style. Great color payoff and goes on super smooth.

3. red lipliner (I prefer a pencil that requires sharpening because I like a crisp lip line but I'm not too picky about this one)

Recommendations: Despite what I just said about preferring a pencil that needs to be sharpened, I'm currently loving the Clinique Quickliner For Lips Intense in Passion. It's the perfect true red and it's waterproof so it wears better than any lipliner I've tried. The downfall? It's hard to get that crisp lip line, but oh well. I also really like MAC lip pencil in Cherry, Urban Decay 24/7 lipliner in 69, and any of the NYX lipliners which are basically dupes for MAC and Urban Decay.

What to do:
1. Start with clean lips, free of balm or any moisturizing products that'll compromise the longevity of the products you're about to use. Then, just apply the lip primer evenly over your lips. If you overdraw your lips at all, also extend the lip primer into that area.

2. Apply your lipstick and blot. This step doesn't have to be perfect. Just stay on your lips and you'll be good. Blotting with help press the lipstick into your lips, and somewhat stain them.

3. Time to perfect! Following your lipline (or slightly over it) line with your lipliner.

4. Apply another layer of lipstick, and boom! You're done!

This process should get you through a majority of the day even with eating and drinking, just be sure to blot your lips while eating rather than rubbing at them with a napkin.

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