November 28, 2014

My Eyebrow Journey -- Before and After

 photo fkkf_zps9bd4f0cc.jpg
Correction: MY EYEBROWS

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know how my brows have changed over the years, but one thing always remained constant...they were super thin and barely there with no makeup on. I mean, check out this's one of my older brow tutorials. My right brow has always been thinner, which is the one shown in the tutorial and the pictures below. I always drew my brows on, which isn't a bad thing. I still think I did a pretty good job at creating my brows with makeup. But being nearly browless just got old after a while. I started wanting a less sculpted look...something more natural...something that wouldn't require perfecting with concealer and spending 10 minutes on every single day.

So, about 3 months ago, I made the decision to stop tweezing my brows.


No tweezing.

No waxing.

No trimming.


Total torture.

It took so much willpower to not clean them up, but I knew it would pay off (plus Eugenia Weston of Senna Cosmetics, kept telling me to just leave them be).

I went from this...

To 3 months O_O (excuse the terrible excuse for a photo but you can get the idea...excuse the bad photo down below too)
 photo B3gIobgCMAAo62A_zps0ca52212.jpg

*insert horror movie scream here*

Yeah, scary. Thank goodness for my bangs because without them I never would've been able to hold out for that long.

The other night though, I couldn't take it anymore, plus I had some pretty good growth going I decided to clean up my brows without getting tweezer happy and ruining them all over again. And the end result was this...

 photo B3gIogsCcAE-AYE_zpsdbcb81c3.jpg

So hey! I have eyebrows again! I'm pretty excited with the end result...and my brows are even which is a total miracle. They haven't been even in FOREVERRRRRRRR. Today I filled my brows without using concealer to clean up the edges and again...I was excited. Growing out my brows has made my makeup routine so much more simple. I am thinking about buying some Rapid Brow to fill in a few of the sparse areas (another recommendation from Eugenia Weston...she's awesome). I'm also thinking about going back to my trusty Senna Cosmetics brow powder, pencil, and brow gel.

Have you grown out your brows? Are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments!

If you are thinking about it...DO IT!


  1. Woohoo! They look amazing! The only reason mine get semi kept up is for blogging and even then I do a pretty shoddy job at keeping them neat!

  2. Your brows look great now! I think that all women have gone through this experience at some point in our lives. When I was 14, I over-plucked my brows and one brow was good and the other was in a horrible thin 'C' shape- I had to grow out my brows.

  3. I had to do this for myself a couple of hears ago too, I had over plucked them and I hated them, so I stopped doing anything t them (other than plucking my brows attempts at a unibrow haha) But I am so much happier with them now.

  4. I've been unable to wax my brows since June because of IPL treatment. I've tweezed a few stray hairs here and there, but no real work was done on my brows until Eugenia Weston plucked and filled me in a few weekends ago. She convinced me that you should only ever pluck!

  5. Your new brows look fabulous, good job!