March 18, 2014

My MAC Favorites

As a beauty blogger, this is probably one of my most requested product posts. As a reformed MAC addict, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to do it. Over the years I've tried tons of MAC products. There was a time when I ONLY used MAC. Now, with more brands in my arsenal, and having tried tons more products, it's become more clear what my true MAC favorites are (and my true faves from other brands too). The products you'll find in this post are ones that I've been using consistently for years.

Painterly Pro Longwear Paintpot
Painterly and I have been together for about 4 years now I think ♥ Since the Paintpots are technically cream eyeshadows, they work great alone and don't crease on me at all. Because they don't crease, I used Painterly as my eyeshadow base. It evens out the color of my eyelids making for the perfect canvas for my shadows, and helps them last all day without creasing or fading.

Rebel and Russian Red lipsticks
I really love MAC lipsticks in general. They're priced well, have a huge color selection, and smell awesome. The two colors that I keep repurchasing are Rebel and Russian Red. Rebel is a gorgeous plum that looks good on everyone. Seriously...I've yet to see anyone not look good wearing it. Russian Red has been my go-to favorite red lipstick for years now.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish
I love all of MAC's Skinfinishes but the Extra Dimension line is just breathtaking. These highlighters are AMAZING. They give the most gorgeous glow, and if you really want to build up for a serious highlight, these will totally do it. Just layer it on using buffing motions to blend it onto the skin and'll get the most perfect glowing highlight ever. I believe they're Limited Edition though, so when they're released you need to jump on them before they sell out (I bought 2 last time they came out).

Shaping Powder in Accentuate
This is a recent favorite of mine but I can't see going without it. I've never used anything like it. Accentuate is a good color for me, but the Shaping Powders in general are awesome products. They're great for highlighting the face and giving a nice glow. I use this to set my under eye concealer and it just looks flawless.

Studio Fix Powder
I've been using Studio Fix Powder longer than I've been using Painterly Paintpot *gasp* While I don't use it daily now (I switch it up with Bare Minerals from time to time), it still tops my favorite powder list. If you want full coverage, this will give it to you and it works perfectly well on its own as a powder foundation. I personally like using it as a setting powder when I'm going for a flawless, matte look though. Great wear too!

Prep + Prime Highlighter
Another new favorite for me...Prep + Prime Highlighter is my new under eye concealer. Unlike a lot of other under eye highlighter pens, this one actually gives a fair amount of coverage and brightens as well. Another huge plus for me, this doesn't crease on me at all.

Set Powder
I don't use Set Powder to set my foundation. I actually use it on my lips so make my lipstick (or gloss) last longer and apply more true to color. My typical lipstick routine is to line and fill my lips with either a liptoned lipliner or one that matches my lipstick, set my lipliner with Set Powder, then apply my lipstick, blot, then do another layer of lipstick. My lipstick lasts ALL day, even through eating and drinking. Nearly any setting powder can be used for this but I like Set Powder because I get tons of product and it lasts forever (almost).

While I'm not including MAC eyeshadows on my list (because I don't think they're the best out there), I'm definitely including their pigments and glitters. The pigments are so versatile. Eyeshadow, blush, highlighters, lipcolors, can use them for practically anything. As for the glitters, they're just so fun. Reflects Blue, Reflects Gold, and Reflects them now.

What are your MAC faves?


  1. I'm curious. What do you think are the best Eyeshadows out there?

  2. lovely list! I love MAC too! my fave is their lipsticks, foundations and blushes.

  3. *Adding more items to my MAC cart* Thanks so much for this post! I've recently been wanting to try out more of MAC's permanent range of products, and I didn't know much about the Prep+Prime highlighters, Studio Fix or Shaping powders.

    Do you think the Studio Fix powder is better than MSF Natural?

  4. Unfortunately I only have a few MAC lipsticks :( I never know what to try, so this list was super helpful and I'll have to check out some of these products!