February 28, 2014

6 Great Makeup Products For Oily Skin

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Oily skin sufferers, this is for you. I've always had oily skin...not breakout prone; just oily. Although now I'm less so than I was before, I still have an oily T-zone (down the middle of my face (especially my nose, and my brow area). If I don't use products geared for controlling oil, the shine I get is just...YUCK.

If you have areas that are in need of some oily control too, here's some of my tried and true makeup products that'll do just that (in no particular order).

1. Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray
I LOVE THIS STUFF! I've been using it for a few years now. I spray it before AND after I do my foundation and it works wonders at keeping my oiliness under control. There's definitely a significant difference between using it and not.

2. Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer
This primer is a little different than the norm. It's a balm as opposed to the typical primer. I just apply it straight from the tube to my forehead and nose, and use my fingers to blend it into my skin. It takes more blending than most primers but the results are incredible. It's only for oily control though. If you have texture issues like noticeable pores, you'll want to use another primer. I recommend only using it where you really need it (like where you're super oily), and be sure to always blend it well with your fingers.

3. Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer
Unlike Stay Flawless, POREfection is for both oil control and texture issues. It creates a smooth canvas for makeup application and keeps my face matte for hours.

4. bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil
If you're into translucent setting powders, Mineral Veil is an awesome one, but I use this a little differently. I actually dust a little under my foundation but over my primer, only where I need it (like at the side of my nose). I decided to give it a try one day and OMG it worked fabulously. Oily skin people know...your foundation pools at the sides of your nose after a few hours of wear. Using Mineral Veil as a primer stops that from happening.

5. Tarte BB Tined 12-hour Primer
Coverage AND mattifying properties. Tarte is one of my favorite brands and their BB Primer is pure awesome sauce. When I use this I skip foundation simply because this gives great coverage on it's own with a bit of a glow.

6. bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil (Tinted)
While I don't like using the Original Mineral Veil as a setting powder (personal preference. I just don't like to set with translucent products), the READY Touch Up Veil is amazing. It gives minimal coverage but is more skintoned that the original formula. Plus, just as the regular Mineral Veil controls oil, this one does too. It gives a perfect, matte finish to the skin that lasts hours.

My Current Face Makeup Routine
1. Spray with Urban Decay De-Slick.
2. Apply and blend Benefit Stay Flawless onto my nose and forehead.
3. Tap just a touch of bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil on the sides of my nose.
4. Apply foundation (this changes daily between Tarte, CK One, Senna, and Exuviance).
5. Apply concealer (MAC Prep and Prime in Light Boost).
6. Set with powder (also changes daily between Original bareMinerals foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder, and bareMineral READY Touch Up Veil).
7. Spray again with De-Slick
8. Look flawless all day.


  1. I loved the De-Slick setting spray! It really help my makeup stay in place and controlled the shine on my face. But I fell in love with Mac Fix+. I really like how it makes me feel refreshed after putting on my powder and I find it helps me just as much a the De-Slick did. Plus it smells amazing and takes away the powdery look.

  2. These are all really good tips! I'm going to have to look into a few of those products! I didn't have much luck with De-Slick, I also think my bottle went bad.

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  4. New for me actually but I love the list. Seems like magic booms for makeup. Also find some good stuff for skincare: