December 31, 2013

Top 5 Beauty Products of 2013

Top 5 of 2013

As a blogger I'm constantly trying and loving new products...always changing it up. There are a select few though, that stay in my routine no matter the day, and no matter what else I try. So, here they are! My top 5 products of 2013.

Senna Cosmetics Brow Fix X (Taupe)
This one has actually been a long time fave of mine. A tinted brow gel that contains small fibers to make sparse brows appear thicker. It layers awesomely for more thickness if desired. I've been using this for nearly my entire blogging career. Available on

Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara
I tend to have a problem with my mascara transferring under my eyes making me look a total hot mess. I also have a problem with my lashes falling straight the second mascara hits them. Waterproof Bad Gal is the only mascara that keeps my two mascara problems from happening.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse (Taupe)
The longest lasting, best wearing brow filler out there. That's it. I LOVE it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation (Medium)
I think I just have a love for Tarte's Amazonian Clay Line. As my skin changes I'm a lot less oily, more normal, but I do have a few dry areas (my chin!) and I still have my oily T-zone. Amazonian Clay is a balancing foundation so it controls oil and adds moisture where needed. It covers amazingly and wears better than any foundation I've ever used.

CK One Lipstick in Liplock
I've been wearing this color like crazy. It's a deep yet bright berry lipcolor that's close to MAC Rebel but a different finish. Liplock is more matte but so smooth and not drying at all. CK One has some awesome lipsticks and Liplock is just a gorgeous's one that would look great on anyone.

What were your beauty product faves of 2013?


  1. Happy New Year!!! Liplock looks like an amazing colour :)

  2. I LOVED the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness. It impressed me so much and covers my biggest skin problem, no problem!

  3. I love the brow mousse from Tarte, too :)

  4. I love brow products but haven't read anything that Senna product so I'll have to look into it ;) Thanks for sharing!

    Happy 2014!