February 5, 2013

wet n wild Coverall Creme Foundation Demo and Review

wet n wild says:
Glides on weightlessly for sheer-to-medium coverage that’s never heavy, chalky, or dull. Evens out flaws with a silky, semi-matte finish that let’s your skin’s natural luminescence shine through. Contains SPF 15 for the ultimate in anti-aging treatment.

Price: $4.00 - $5.00 (depending on where you buy it)

CLICK HERE for where to buy.

Left to right:
815 Fair, 816 Fair/Light, 817 Light, 818 Light/Medium, 819 Medium, 820 Medium/Tan, 858 Tan

Blurry picture yes, but you can see what this foundation claims. So, how do these claims measure up to my experience?

All day wear - Literally all day? No. Of course not. But for a work day or school day, for me, this is pretty accurate. You can see in the photos below that I can go HOURS without touching up and with my oily T-zone, this is practically a miracle.

Medium-to-full coverage - Funny...on the wet n wild website (quoted in the beginning of my post), it says that this foundation is sheer-to-medium coverage, yet the package says medium-to-full. So...yeah. I have no idea what that's about. For me though, this foundation seems to be sheer-to-medium/full. It's not quite full, but it's more full than medium. Plus it's buildable and layers beautifully.

Lightweight, satin/matte finish - True, and true. Even after layering this foundation to build up coverage, it remained lightweight. The finish is divine.

VisiBright complex reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates skin - This is a tough one. I've been using this foundation for almost 2 weeks now but that's not nearly enough time to notice a difference in my skin. I'll come back to this one later.

Demo time! For reference, I'm using Light/Medium.

This is me without makeup. My skin is clear and smooth. I have freckles, obviously, but they're not a concern for me. I do prefer a fuller coverage foundation but it's just because I like how it looks. My concern is my pores. I have them on my cheeks and nose. While they're small, with the wrong foundation they appear larger and deeper. They're why I like the full coverage, matte look. Lesser coverage and thin foundations make my pores look HUGE, as do luminescent foundations.

I used this brush (which I LOVE) to buff the foundation over my entire face. After one layer, you can see that it already covers pretty well. You can also see that my pores aren't anymore noticeable than they were before.

I applied another layer of foundation on my cheeks, nose, and under my eyes. This foundation layers beautifully. It blends well, doesn't cake up, and still feels light on the skin. For more coverage I could have done another layer, but since I also use a powder foundation (MAC Studio Fix Powder) I ended the layering there and moved on with the rest of my steps.

I applied my undereye concealer (Loreal Bare Natural Concealer in Light), and my powder (MAC Studio Fix Powder in N5). I also applied a matte bronzer/countour on my cheeks, Berry Shimmer blush by wet n wild (GORGEOUS), my trusty Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara, and my current favorite lipstick, MAC Rebel. Here you can see how smooth, covered, and matte my face looks. This miracle isn't only because of the COVERALL Creme, but moreso due to the combination of product I used and the technique used to apply them. But since the COVERALL CREME is the first layer closest to the skin, the real test is how this foundation wears. If it looks good at first, and wears terribly, it's just not going to work for me.

Let me start by saying that I don't wear face primer. After nearly 8 hours of not touching up my oily T-zone AT ALL you can see that there's some shine on my nose. You can't see it in the picture but my forehead is shiny as well. However, it's not bad. This much shine after 8 hours is nothing, especially for me. To me, this is normal wear for my skin type.

Notice the eyeglass marks on my nose in the picture above? To get rid of them, I simply rubbed over the area with my finger to blend the mark away. It blended perfectly without removing more makeup. It actually refreshed the area a bit and since that worked, I rubbed over my shiny nose too which made the shine dissipate a bit. So, I basically touched up without touching up. This aspect of the product was huge for me.

The one general downfall...the shade range! You can tell from the swatches that I posted that these foundations don't go dark at all. wet n wild needs to these for dark-skinned lovelies ASAP.

Overall, this foundation is awesomeness. I've been using MAC Studio Fix Fluid for years and I'm seriously and officially a wet n wild COVERALL Creme girl now. It performs amazingly for me and at such a low price, how could I not switch over to it?

If you're thinking about trying it, I say do it! For the price, it's definitely worth a try. If you do try it, or have tried, it, I'd love to know what your thoughts are. Let me know in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: Product(s) in this post may have been sent complimentary of the company or PR to for consideration. All opinions are honest and that of the editor.


  1. I picked up the powder, I'll have to try this as well! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, this looks awesome, and so cheap! Definitely going to have to pick this one up! (As well as that Wet N Wild blush! I just did a review on the Pearlescent Pink shade and I LOVE it. Gorgeous! :)

  3. Your glasses suit you so much.
    Great review and the foundation seems amazing!

    Jules x

  4. so cool that they've released a full coverage foundation. must check these out. thanks for the demo! love the lipstick too. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  5. Your face looks lovely!! I saw these at my local Walgreens a couple of weeks ago and was crushed when there wasn't even a nod to us brown skinned ladies. hopefully they get on that stat!! Thanks for the detailed application instructions and observations.

  6. I'm really wanting to try this!!! Your skin looks awesome with this foundation!! I need a fuller coverage foundation to work with, but I am always just afraid it will break me out. :( Anyways, good review!!

  7. I bought this on Thursday after reading your review, I wouldn't have purchased this otherwise. I've only used it once and I like it so far. I'm a novice when it comes to foundation (I love Almay's tinted foundation, I top it off w my MAC powder or Coastal Scent powder). So thanks for doing this review, I'm using actual foundation :p

  8. I've gotta try this! I'm always looking for decent drugstore foundations that won't slide off my face once my oily t zone decides to act up.

  9. Hello! The foundation looks amazing on you. Love the combo of berry lips and dark galsses? Do you prefer bright lipsticks as a contrast? I wear glasses too. New follower,
    xoxo Nika

  10. I really want to try this.
    Which Coverall shade do you think would best match a MAC NW15?

  11. Of course it works wonderfully under Studiofix powder, but how does it work under other powders? Preferably cheaper alternatives?

  12. @Hannaxtherine...I personally haven't tried it with a cheaper powder. I've tried it with Studio Fix, Smashbox, Tarte, and Bare Minerals and it still performed great without a primer. A lot of other bloggers have tried it too though, with different powders, and sometimes without powder. You could always Google for more reviews :) Sorry I didn't have the answer for you!

  13. i believe my mom is picking this up for me today. it's either that or revlon nearly naked. we'll see which she gets, but if it's this one, i'll definitely share my opinion:) it looks great on you!

  14. for those who have dark skin, there's a brand called Black Radiance that is owned by the same company that owns Wet n Wild, so they products are pretty much the same, just a different color selection!