December 1, 2012

wet n wild Beauty Ambassador Display (found it locally!)

As most of you probably know from my previous post, wet n wild has release a new Walgreens-exclusive display featuring their Beauty Ambassadors. Since I'm one of those ambassadors, I've been stalking my local Walgreens in hopes of finding it and I finally did! Seeing it in person was way more exciting that seeing it in photos.

If you get a chance, stop by Walgreens and see if you can spot me and the other amazing Beauty Ambassadors. It's pretty cool!

Have you seen this display yet? If so, where are you?


  1. I need to go to my Walgreens to see the display!

  2. This is so awesome, I haven't spotted any at my local walgreens but I will be sure to take a pic if i do =) Congrats!

  3. haven't seen it yet! too cool. congrats again. super exciting. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  4. that's so exciting!! I've seen it here in Bama :)

  5. I've seen it here in New Orleans!

  6. I would love to see it. Which Walgreens? I am sitting here and I am searching m y brain to come up with a sophisticated eye to go with my red lip on Christmas day and wishing I had thought to ask you. Can I trade you administrative work for makeup help? The guarantee of free legal services for life? ( Once I get into and finish law school, seriously.) LOL. I swear I am a sane woman.


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