April 25, 2012

Q & A with Jerrod Blandino, Founder of Too Faced Cosmetics

As some of you know, I was the Too Faced Beauty Blogger of the Month for April. I was totally thrilled and still am. Part of the perks of being the BBOM is the opportunity to interview Jerrod Blandino, one of Too Faced's founders. Can I just say that I adore him?

These questions are mine and yours...mostly yours, that I got from your entries into my Too Faced giftcard giveaway.


How did you start out in the beauty industry and what made you make that move to create your own brand?
That’s a very good question Jacqueline, thanks for asking. I actually started out working behind the Estee Lauder counter at Saks Fifth Ave. I saw first-hand the need for a beauty brand that could take the "mystery out of makeup" and celebrate the fact that it's FUN to be a girl! To this day everything we do here at Too Faced is done to empower women through glamour – to inspire and enable women to be as fabulous as they dare to dream and go out into the world feeling beautiful and hopefully spread that beauty around. That my dear is what drives me. We can change the world with lipgloss baby!

Too Faced is a pretty fun and sassy name. What made you choose it for your company?
Too Faced is a term we coined behind the beauty counter back in my Saks days for a woman who valued her makeup and style above everything else! Beyond vain, she was Too Faced! Get it? She's the woman who spends hours in the mirror getting ready, tried every trend, and loves getting dressed up. I love her.

When did you realize you created such an amazingly successful brand?
Another great question! It was one week into creating Too Faced back in 1998 when Madonna's people called asking for product, the MTV music awards people called asking for us to put products in the VIP lounge at the request of many stars and we got a Vogue feature (we did the first glitter shadows, ever!) – all within the first seven days! It wasn't always that easy, but that first week we knew we were onto something.

As stated in your bio, you started out with just a credit card, kit, and a dream. What was your original goal for Too Faced versus where it is now?
It's actually the exact same. To create the BEST quality cosmetics possible, with the most relevant and innovative colors, textures and formulas that would empower all women to be as glamorous, and have as much fun, as the dare to be.

From your remarkable products and colors, to the daring names and packaging, where do you find your inspiration for Too Faced?
Everywhere! All around me! Inspiration can come from new technology, to a celebrity’s needs and wants for a tour, to a cupcake I discovered in Paris. Really anywhere.

With all of the brands out there what do you feel sets Too Faced apart from the rest and keeps it as relevant as it is?
We pride ourselves here at Too Faced that we create trends, we don't follow them. We break rules and create new categories or improve upon what's out there using only the absolute best, top quality ingredients to ensure superior products. We have countless celebrity friends in the movie/TV, music, and fashion industries that keep us on the pulse of the planet, and we're just cool!

Too Faced has grown into quite a line with a great array of products. Which of those products are you most proud of and why?
We boast the largest and most successful range of bronzers in the industry, and it's a passion of mine to allow women and men to achieve any type of tan they desire without risking their health doing it the dangerous way with the sun. My sister was diagnosed with 4th stage melanoma and given 6 month to live, and that was over 8 years ago! She's a miracle, and my hero.

What is your must-have product?
Snow Bunny bronzer and my Absolutely Flawless concealer. Both are complexion miracle workers.

What is your number 1 beauty tip?
Be HAPPY and don't smoke!

Fall 2012…can you tease us with what’s coming?
Something super SEXY!


  1. Great interview! Congrats again on being their beauty blogger of the month! Great questions and thanks for using one of mine :) I love Too Faced!

  2. Wow- that was a great interview. I would have been super excited to interview him also. It's so inspirational when you get to see people get so far with something they love so much.

  3. Love this interview! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very cool to finally know the meaning behind the name of the brand :-)

  5. I LOVE his beauty tip. What a wonderful interview ;)

  6. He seems like a wonderful person :) I definitely think that the Too Faced brand succeeds in all those goals he mentions - it's definitely one of my favorites! Especially their holiday sets; they're the only must-have every year for me because they combine quality with cheeky fun, and throw in value on top of it! Loved this interview <3

  7. Great interview! I love him and the whole Too Faced concept - I've been a fan for many years and the line just keeps getting better and better! I so appreciate the attention to detail, such as beautiful packaging and instructions - it shows this company cares about women and wants us to feel fabulous.