October 6, 2011

Loving This Lip Color Combo ♥

This combo is a current favorite of mine, implementing my go-to lipliner and two lipsticks from MAC. Creme Cup is a sheer, milky pink...lovely but a bit too pale on it's own for my taste. Creme In Your Coffee is also on the slightly sheer side but more on the plum brown side...again, lovely bit a bit too brown for my taste. However, the two layered create a beautifully natural lip-toned shade that can go with any look.

Layering liners and various lipsticks is a great way to create your own lipcolors without having to spend money. Budget friendly beauty tip!

Step 1:
Line and fill your lips with a light pink lipliner.
Ulta Automatic Lipliner in Flesh

Step 2:
Apply MAC Creme Cup lipstick over the liner.

Step 3:
Very lightly blot your lips. Then apply MAC Creme In Your Coffee lipstick.

Step 4:
Lightly blot your lips for a final time. The blotting is what helps the color "stick", which also removing any excess. It creates a longer lasting lipcolor.

Finally, softly line your lips once again. This will touch up the edges of your lips, creating a flawlessly applied lipcolor.


  1. Ah wow im in love with this lipstick, so getting this one :) thanks for a really nice review hun :):)

  2. me likey! looks like a perfect combo, just right for you :)

    Vonnie of

  3. Beautiful, thanks for the info, take care

  4. I totally love this look the colors are beautiful... I have been wanting to try sugar pill and now want to really just order some.
    great post.
    following you now

    I invite you to my blog.. Hope to see you there!

  5. Creme cup is one of my favourites :3