March 28, 2011

My Favorite MAC Lipsticks

I figured that since I was on a "favorites" kick with my eyeshadow palettes and blushes, I'd also post my favorite matte lipsticks too. These are the ones I wear most often and my go-to's as far as bold lips go.

Left to right:
Angel: A soft pink frost, I really didn't think I'd like this color. I tend to stay away from frosty lipsticks. They always make my lips look and feel dry. Angel isn't very frosty at all though which you might be able to tell from the swatch. It's not dry, nor is it a frost in appearance. It does have a very slight shimmer but it's very creamy on application. I love this color with an everyday, neutral look as well as with pink and purple eyes.

Brave: This satin finish pink lipstick is a bump up from my natural lip color. It's on the matte side, but because it's a satin, it's not TOO matte. I love this when I just want a natural color on my lips without going completely bare. It goes with everything too!

Russian Red: This matte red lipstick is my favorite, go-to, must-have red. It's perfect in my opinion and it's the only red I ever wear.

Rebel: This is one of those colors that I think anyone can wear and looks completely different on everyone. On me it's a red wine, not too dark and not too bright. It's a nice alternative to red lips.

Viva Glam Cyndi: Cyndi is a more of a soft red, a reddish pink. When I want to stay soft on my lips but still want more color than Brave or Angel would give me, I reach for this one.

Viva Glam Gaga 2: This is my new favorite nude...or part of my favorite nude lip combo. While it's too brown, yellow, and pale on its own, I do love it over a soft pink lipliner. You can check my review on it, complete with swatches!


  1. I love all the shades of your favourite lipsticks. They all look so pretty! :)

  2. Those are some of my favorite lipsticks too. Beside the Lagy Gaga, its too nude on me.

  3. my fav is Russian Red and Vegas Volt..i really want to get angel!
    great post!!

  4. omg all those colors are amazing...

    Have a peek at my site won't you :D

  5. Man, I always knew Russian Red was a knockout, but you've got me lookin at Rebel now! Gorgeous color!

  6. Great post...I really want to try the one to the very right. That one is my fave, I like Nude colors a lot.


  7. Great post! Russian Red is a must-have and I kind of wish I picked up Cindy's Viva Glam lipstick but still love Gaga's first one :)

  8. Nice favorites! I don't own any of these shades.

  9. I have my eyes on Angel and Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipsticks! I sure will purchase them next week when my no buy expires.

  10. Brave and Viva Glam Cyndi is on my wishlist, they look gorgeous :)

    Xo Christine

  11. Rebel is so beautiful in your swatch. I'm so intrigued because you say that it looks different on everyone. Now I have to get it! XO

  12. I'm glad to see you post this! I love you makeup looks and have been wondering about your lipstick favorites!

    Russian red look absolutely fierce! I'd love to try such a gorgeous red on myself.

  13. i love rebel and russian red.... these are my fav...

  14. I own a Viva Glam Christmas set, which has I through V in it, which I really love! I wear some of the shades together, as a couple are matte and a couple are somewhat glittery. It's a nice way to get to try more than one shade w/out paying too much money!

  15. angel and brave look really pretty. def wana try those out!


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