July 18, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish: Sienna

I've never really done nail polish posts before; maybe a few times but this is me officially starting something new on A Brilliant Brunette. Since I've been doing my nails a lot more recently and I have quite a few different polishes in some gorgeous colors, I figured I'd share them with you all, especially with the growing trend of nail art.

I recently took part in the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange so, for my first post I'm featuring Zoya's Sienna, a gorgeous orange with a touch of silver and gold glitter.

For more info on this color: Zoya Sienna


  1. I love zoya nail polish! And I love orange especially.

    Yay for new things on a brilliant brunette dot com =)

  2. That is a beautiful color!!! Thanks for posting that. I really want it now!