December 11, 2009

My Favorite Eye Brushes

I get asked a lot about the eye brushes I use most often. Most of what I have are MAC brushes but that by all means doesn't mean you have to use MAC as well. These are just what I've become accustomed to using. There are a lot of other brands with fabulous brushes, both more and less expensive. Honestly, what matters most is technique, not the price of the brush. Howewever, some types (not brands) of brushes make application easier and quicker

Also, I don't use all of these every day. It really depends on the look I'm doing as I'll explain. They all, however, are my favorites!

The stiff bristles of this brush are perfect for packing color along the lid as well as spot blending between colors. It can also be used to sweep shadow along the bottom lashes or smudge eyeliner. Very multipurpose for the eye area. In fact, I've also used this brush for the lips from time to time, especially when creating Lip Art.

This brush is so very versatile. Not only can it be used for the eyes but it can also be used on the face to apply concealer and other face products. I personally like this brush for applying color so it appears to be "blown-out." I typically use it in the crease, browbone, and for my highlight color to easily crease an airbrushed look.

Another blending brush that I use for a different purpose. This particular of brush has bristles that are more tightly packed than the tapered blending brush, though still on the fluffy side. I find it perfect for creating a more controlled blended look rather than something completely blown-out. It also works amazingly in the crease as well as for applying a highlight. This brush is actually one that is perfect for using for an entire look.

I purchased this contour brush from Target for only $1.99 USD and I love it. Though the packaging says that it is a "contour brush," basically for the crease area, it works wonderfully for blending and patting on color. It's not anywhere near as fluffy as my MAC 224 but that's why I like it. Though a different shape and stiffer bristles, this is actually a great alternative to the MAC 217.

This stiffer contour brush was purchased from ELF cosmetics for $3.00 USD. It is amazing for the crease area, placing color in just the spot where you may want it. It is also great for smoking out the bottom lashline. I love this brush!

This brush is basically just a smaller version of any typical sized shader brush. It works wonders when a very specific placement is desired. It is also great for those who may have smaller lids. For me though, this brush is my "go-to" for applying color along my bottom lashline.

For creating the wing of my eyeliner, I prefer to use a slim pencil type brush rather than an angled one. For me it seems more like I'm writing and makes lining my eyes and creating the wing completely effortless. Purchased from the craft store, this Loew-Cornell brush is amazing with it's stiff bristles; perfect for getting the liner into the base of my lashes and across my lids without making a mess.

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  1. Very nice, I didn't even know that the ELF Studio Contour brush would be a of great use. I am gonna look into that one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really great post!!! Thanks for the reviews!!

  3. 217 is such a unique brush.....LOVE it...

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  5. oooh, I'm definitely going to check out the elf brush now.

  6. Thanks for passing the info on. I just placed an order for a few Coastal Scents brushes. I know that they're not MAC quality, but some people prefer them over MAC. I guess I'll have to test them out and see which ones are keepable. Although, I'd kill for some Sigma brushes, especially the new flat badger, i forget the no.