November 25, 2009

Senna Cosmetics for the Lips and Cheeks (Swatches and Review)

You've seen Senna Cosmetics' lovely eyeshadows and brow products. Now it's time for some lips and cheeks!

Sheer Lipstick in Nova and Cream Lipstick in Heartbreaker

These two lipsticks are just love. Very moisturizing yet long lasting, and the most lovely colors. Heartbreaker is amazingly pigmented while Nova is the perfect sheer for when you just want a touch of color on your natural days.


Lip Lacquer in Rosebud

Senna's Lip Lacquers, used by Jessica Simpson, are a beautiful, non-sticky formula. With a touch of sparkle they add color as well as moisture to your lips.

Lip Sync in A La Mode

Lip Syncs; the dream team of Senna's lip collection these double sided lipsticks with coordinating glosses are just as amazing as the rest of this brand. Deliciously flavored, moisturizing, and easy to use.

Left to right: lipstick, gloss, and both


Lipgloss over lipstick

Cheeky Blush in Geranium

I've never been one for cream blush simply because they've never seemed to last long on me. Cheeky blush however is divine. It gives the beautiful glow that cream blushes provide but is as long lasting as a powder. Geranium is a gorgeous color; a soft pinked coral.

I use my MAC 188 brush to buff it high onto my cheek bones just as I do with my powder blushes.