Hey there! Jacqueline here...former blogger at A Brilliant Brunette. Life happens and sometimes that just brings around some change...so here we are on my new blog JMarieOnline with similar beauty related content (and perhaps a random non-beauty related post now and then).

I'm a lipstick lover, selfie taker, and body-positive feminist plus size lady who loves fashion. I'm a bookworm...I love to read and often take on several at a time just to keep things interesting.

I'm a San Francisco Bay Area girl born and raised, that now lives and loves desert life in Tucson, Arizona (yes, even our hot summers). You just can't beat the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

I have the most adorable mini dachshund ever. Her name is Twinkie and she loves wearing necklaces, and eating carrots, chicken, candy corn, and marshmallows. She lives the good life with her toys and blankets.

I hope you read, subscribe, and enjoy!

I look forward to getting to know my readers, and appreciate those of you who have stuck with me since 2009!